Dispersion and volatility in online casino

When choosing slot machines for betting, it is necessary to consider the payout and technical characteristics of the slots. This will help to select the most profitable model and confidently win in online casinos. One of the important parameters of slot machines is volatility, also known as dispersion or risk. The volatility level shows how often winning combinations are formed in the slot and what size of winnings a gambler can expect.

Features and types of volatility

Volatility in online casinos is the dispersion of slot machines. The degree of risk demonstrates how often winning icon chains appear on the reels. Also, volatility shows how much money can theoretically be won on a specific game model – to get a big prize or settle for small payouts. There are three main levels of slot volatility in online casinos:

  • Slot machines with low volatility – on such slots, you can often receive small winnings, the size of which slightly exceeds the bet amount;
  • Video slots with medium volatility – these games have a decent payout percentage, winnings occur quite often, and you can count on good prizes in the medium term;
  • Game models with high volatility – slots with very large payouts, but prizes are rare, so you need to have a large bankroll for a long gaming session.

Sometimes slots with low-medium and medium-high levels of dispersion are encountered. It is necessary to choose a slot machine taking into account volatility and the theoretical return coefficient – RTP. The return percentage shows the advantage of the gambler over the casino and serves as the determining parameter when searching for the most profitable (“giving”) video slots.

How to choose machines by volatility

Each game content manufacturer sets the parameters of video slots, including the volatility level. The degree of risk should be taken into account when choosing machines for real money bets. This will help avoid serious financial losses. How to choose slots considering dispersion:

  • Slot machines with low dispersion are suitable for beginners and players with a limited deposit;
  • Slots with medium volatility are chosen by gamblers who rely on good prizes with justified risk;
  • Game machines with high dispersion are more suitable for professional gamblers and casino customers with a solid deposit.

If the manufacturer has not indicated the level of volatility, you can determine the degree of risk yourself. To do this, it is necessary to test the slot in free demo mode and evaluate how often and in what size the machine pays out winnings. The volatility level of game models is one of the parameters that should be considered when choosing slots for real money bets.

When choosing slot machines for betting, it is necessary to consider the payout and technical…