Rules of the game in 1000 with 5 dice

Today there is a huge variety of entertainment for gambling enthusiasts. An extensive selection of slot machines is available in online casinos. Land-based establishments operate as well. You can play lotteries, card, and board games. One of the popular entertainments is the game of 1000 – a five-dice game. The game is played to a thousand points, which is why it got its name. The number of participants in exciting rounds is unlimited, but it is best to play with up to eight participants.

Key features of the 1000 game:

To play in real mode, you need five dice, a notepad, and a pen to record the players’ scores. If the game is online, you can download an app on your mobile phone and desktop PC and play against the program. Before starting, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the rules and peculiarities of the gambling entertainment:

  • standard six-sided dice are used in the game, five of them;
  • at the start, you need to enter the game, i.e., score a pass, which in the classic version is equal to 50 points;
  • to score a pass, one roll consisting of three dice throws is given;
  • if the pass is not scored, the turn passes to another participant until the score is opened;
  • in the game of 1000, dice 200-300 and 600-700 points are called “pits” from which you need to get out by scoring the required number of points;
  • the concept of “overtaking” means that a player has bypassed their opponents and deprived them of 50 points per turn, taking the first place in terms of points;
  • “a dump truck” is an undesirable situation where a player scores 555 points and loses all their points;
  • “bolts” are gaming situations where prize combinations are not formed, and 100 points are deducted for several bolts;
  • the term “barrel” means that a player has scored 880 points according to the classic rules, after which they need to score points up to 1000.

In this dice game, you cannot stay on the barrel for long – only 3 attempts are allowed. Participants can knock an opponent off the barrel if they manage to score 880 points themselves. The game has quite strict rules, as it requires exactly 1000 points to win. When scoring more points, a “dot” is placed – an attempt to take the barrel. In case of six “dots,” the player loses 100 points.

Combination options and point counting:

After rolling the dice in the 1000 game, the points are counted. In a real game, points are recorded on paper. For different combinations, players receive corresponding points on three, four, and five dice:

  • ones – 100-200-1000 points;
  • twos – 20-40-200 points;
  • threes – 30-60-300 points;
  • fours – 40-80-400 points;
  • fives – 50-100-500 points;
  • sixes – 60-120-600 points.

The game may have a small straight combination – a sequence from ones to fives, which brings 125 points. A large straight is a combination from twos to sixes, which brings 250 points. Faces with a value of 1 and 5, as well as three or more dice with the same value, bring points. The highest number of points can be obtained for five ones – 1000 points, which rarely occurs. In the 1000 dice game, you need to carefully plan your moves, not chase victory, know when to pass, and skillfully score points.

Today there is a huge variety of entertainment for gambling enthusiasts. An extensive selection of…