Rules of the game in Zonk and combinations – description for beginners and professionals

Zonk (Farkle) is an exciting tabletop game that has recently been gaining popularity in online casinos. The goal of the game is to roll dice and form winning combinations with them. In offline mode, the game takes place between two participants. Dice rolls continue until one of the opponents reaches the predetermined target score set at the beginning of the round. The player who first accumulates the required number of points wins.

Features of playing Zonk

Zonk belongs to the variety of dice games. The first instances of this tabletop entertainment appeared in 1982. Later, various versions of the board game emerged, using a variety of winning combination variations. The combinations of numbers on the dice earn different numbers of points. The likelihood of winning combinations depends on the player’s luck and their ability to make the right decisions – whether to take a risk or stop in time. Features of playing Zonk:

  • participants agree in advance on the number of points needed to win;
  • the round starts with rolling all six dice;
  • combinations are formed from the rolled dice;
  • remaining dice can be reused;
  • a player can continue their turn until they roll a zonk (no possible combinations).

If a gambler scores 300 points, they have the right to stop. If the remaining dice do not form any winning combinations, the player loses the points scored on that turn. In case of three such situations, the player loses 500 or 1000 points from their score. After recording the round’s results, the turn passes to the second participant. The game ends when one of the participants accumulates the winning number of points.

Possible combinations in the Zonk game

You can play the Zonk game online after installing the application on your mobile or desktop device. All combinations that occur during rolls earn a certain number of points:

  • ones – one or two dice with a value of 1 earn 100 points each for a repeat;
  • fives – no more than two dice with a value of 5 earn 50 points each for a repeat;
  • three ones – three dice with the same value earn the player 1000 points;
  • three twos, three threes, three fours, three fives, three sixes earn 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 points respectively;
  • four of a kind – four identical dice earn twice as many points as three of a kind;
  • three pairs – two dice of one value, two dice of another value, and two dice of a third value earn the player 750 points;
  • six different dice – rolling six dice with values from one to six earns the player 1500 points.

If five dice are involved in the game, the combinations and rules of the game vary slightly. When all the dice form winning combinations, the player is eligible for a bonus roll to earn additional points. But if unsuccessful, the points scored are lost. Zonk is a dynamic and very interesting game, making it an excellent choice for gambling enthusiasts.

Zonk (Farkle) is an exciting tabletop game that has recently been gaining popularity in online…